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Planet Over Profit Project

GFOX is proud to have founded the Planet Over Profit Project (POP) in the UK to begin in Luanda, Angola where we will provide education on the impact man has made to our environment. By sponsoring cleaning projects to remove the waste from the streets and waterways and many more projects.

As we are becoming more aware of the damage that is made by single use plastic not all people in the world are impacted on the scale as developing nations. The need to help and educate the local population of the negative impact pollution has locally, nationally and internationally.

With the help of the wider society we believe that with organised programs such as environmental education and awareness, regular street and waterway clean up programs and other environmental events, we will be able to slowly change the culture on how we deal with waste in developing nations.

Therefore as a service we help individuals and companies to play their part in the clean up and educational programs by organising sponsored programs. By our robust system of checks, on site sign off and inspections, donors can feel a sense of trust that the funds are being spent and monitored correctly.

Programs include:

  • Recycling Awareness
  • Street clean up events
  • Environmental Awareness Workshops
  • Waterway and Beach clean up events
  • Tree planting programs
  • Planning and Development of Waste Centres
  • Education of street vendors to minimise single use plastics
  • Environmental Awareness School Events
  • Collection and reporting of surveying and data summaries

This project does not only help the environment that the community lives in but provides long term job opportunities to spread the word on the impact this is has on every day lives.

Let us all play our small part in making a better future for our global citizens and our planet. If you want to be a part of this great project please donate to our efforts to create a cleaner greener environment.

For Large Individual and Corporate donations please contact us via email on pop@gfox.uk for a sponsorship pack..